USA: Statement by Project Underground regarding the September 11 attacks

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We at Project Underground are outraged and deeply saddened by this morning's violent attacks on human life and human possibility in New York, Virginia and Pennsylvania. Project Underground condemns and deplores the transformation of scores of human beings into weapons to kill thousands of people and terrorize millions more. We share in the sense of outrage, fear and loss that radiates out from these attacks and offer our deepest sympathy for those killed, injured and those without their loved ones tonight.

The latest victims of senseless violence and terror are not alone. Through our work we have joined with those who have seen their loved ones killed, who have experienced terror in its many forms, who have seen their cities burned before their eyes, and who have seen their cultures crumble around them under the crushing weight of violence. We have stood with them as they have demanded justice; and they have always reminded us that their position is little different than our own. As we seek out our own loved ones, as we face the terror of violence in our own cities, we are also again reminded of the truth of this statement.

Today our society is awash in fear. But what is of greatest concern is those who would use that fear to inflict a new round of terror. We stand aghast at those who in the wake of today's tragedy can only speak in terms of dollars and cents. We watch as traders flee to the "security" of gold and oil and are reminded that that "security" has been purchased with the blood of communities with whom we work.

We are saddened and distraught that some would use the bloodshed today as the pretext for greater hate or for the reduction of freedom. We urge people not to direct their outrage at communities of colour or at faith communities. Those who would increase the hold of racism or the power to control political dissent in the wake of this tragedy must not be afforded the opportunity to do so.

We are deeply and profoundly fearful of the impact of retaliatory military attacks and of the military escalation that results from a United States military response. That needless suffering inflicted on civilians from the sky is morally unacceptable has never been more clear to the people of the United States of America.

Regrettably, all of these concerns are reinforced by the intimate connections between officials at the highest levels of the United States Government and the violent repression of the communities with which we work. We sincerely hope that the diverse sources of strength of the people of this land and solidarity between them can prove powerful enough to prevent our fears from being used to create yet another round of suffering.