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Multimedia 31 March 2022
On 15 March, over 360 organisations launched a statement exposing that "Nature Based Solutions" will cause huge new land grabs and promote harmful practices like monoculture tree plantations and industrial agriculture.
Other information 15 May 2019
Chiefs and leaders of indigenous peoples in Acre published a letter addressed to the governments of Germany and California, reporting that millionaire funds are coming to the state of Acre for REDD and PES payments, without transparency and benefiting few indigenous people.
Publications 11 September 2018
A compilation of articles from the World Rainforest Movement Bulletin on the occasion of the Global Climate Action Summit to be held 12-14 September, in California, United States
Bulletin articles 21 September 2017
Photo: STOP GE Trees Campaign
Bulletin articles 11 July 2017
The January 2017 bulletin focused on the numerous initiatives being announced worldwide that promote the expansion of millions of hectares of tree plantations (Bulletin 228, January 2017). At the same time, the plantations and pulp and paper industries, among others, are strongly pushing for Genetically Engineered (GE) trees – eucalyptus and poplar in particular – to be licensed for commercial use. Consequently, this time, the editorial of the WRM Bulletin warns about the promotion of GE trees.
Other information 5 July 2017
By BJ McManama, published on EcoWatch
Bulletin articles 9 May 2016
What is the Indigenous Environmental Network?
Other information 16 November 2015
Subject: The proposal of the California government to include REDD+ offset credits from the state of Acre, Brazil, and from other states and countries with tropical forests. Montevideo, November 16, 2015
Other information 10 April 2015
In an unprecedented and alarming move, the United States Department of Agriculture has given GE tree company ArborGen permission to pursue commercial production of a genetically engineered loblolly pine with no regulatory oversight or environmental risk assessment. In the current plan, the potential impacts to the public or to the environment will not be evaluated. This decision sets a terrible and unacceptable precedent.
Action alerts 13 October 2014
GE Trees: Another Form of Colonization 13 October 2014 – From the Indigenous Environmental Network and the Campaign to STOP GE Trees