Webinar: Conversation about "15 years of REDD"

Since it was introduced in 2007, Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD) has become the dominant forest policy around the world, impacting forest-dependent communities in countries with tropical forests in particular.

The experience of the past 15 years has shown an overwhelming record of REDD's catastrophic failure to address deforestation and forest degradation – and worse: it has also intensified the climate crisis and left the causes of deforestation untouched. REDD, in fact, has become an underlying cause of deforestation and climate change itself.

Watch the conversation with the authors of the WRM publication “15 Years of REDD: A Mechanism Rotten at the Core”. The webinar was held on November 3, 2022.

Participants: Joanna Cabello and Jutta Kill (WRM), Ivonne Yañez (Acción Ecológica, Ecuador, and Oil Watch Latinoamérica), Ladislas Désiré Ndembet (Muyissi Environnement, Gabon), Izzudin Prawiranegara (Agrarian Resources Centre, Indonesia), Nasako Bensingi (Cameroon), Tom Goldtooth and Tamra Gilbertson (Indigenous Environmental Network, US), Diego Cardona (CENSAT, Amigos de la Tierra Colombia), Larry Lohmann (The Corner House, UK).