Solidarity with women fighting for land in the Global South!

“My land... my life”, say women in Cameroon.

March 8 - International Women’s Day

Solidarity with organized women fighting for land in the Global South!


In different regions of Africa, Asia and Latin America, organized women are fighting to maintain and recover their communities’ territories. “My land... my life”, reminds a poster from women in Cameroon who face multiple forms of violence from oil palm plantation companies.     
This March 8, we stand in solidarity with feminist and women’s struggles in the Global South, which, in defence of their land and forests, are resisting capitalist, patriarchal, racist and colonial oppressions.
As a way to recognize them, we share a series of articles and audiovisual materials with diverse stories of struggle by women in Sierra Leone, Uganda, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and India.Their testimonies reveal not only the injustices to which they are subjected, but also—and most importantly—how they are forging a path of hope for themselves and their communities through their organization and struggle: