Impacts of Large Scale Oil Palm Plantations on Women


 A Collection of Articles Published in the WRM Bulletin on the issue of  Resistance, Women and the Impacts of Plantations. Download here


A Collection of Articles Published in the WRM Bulletin on the issue of Resistance, Women and the Impacts of Plantations P. 3

- Covered under the shade of oil palm companies in Cameroon: A recount of the abuses that women suffer
- Liberia: Women raising their voices in decision-making processes
- Cameroon: Urban and Rural Activists Against Industrial Plantations' Abuses Towards Women
- Cameroon: Local women besieged by the military, guardians of the palm oil plantations of SOCAPALM
- Women say, “We want our lands back!”
- Women & Plantations: Pain or Gain? The Nigerian Experience

 Sharing Experiences from other Regions P. 19

- Indonesia: Exploitation of women and violation of their rights in oil palm plantations
- Indonesia: Oil palm plantations and their trace of violence against women
Guatemala and Colombia: Women facing oil palm plantations
- Honduras: Criminalization of the Garifuna people defending their territory from the advance of the African palm

 The International Petition P. 32

- Stop all forms of abuse against women in and around large monoculture tree plantations

 Mundemba and Port Loko Declarations P. 33

- Mundemba Declaration: Women and the expansion of oil palm plantations and industrial palm oil
- Port Loko Declaration: Women say “We want our lands back!”

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