What do forests have to do with climate change, carbon markets and REDD+?


WRM has produced a series of seven flipchart posters (below) and the booklet What do forests have to do with climate change, carbon markets and REDD+? to help community activists explain why REDD+ is not really about forests but about industrialized countries and corporations delaying the end of their use of petroleum and coal.

Different flipcharts explain, for example, why carbon in a forest is not the same as the fossil carbon in petrol or coal when it comes to climate change; why it does make a difference for climate change where a carbon emission is reduced and why REDD is a bad deal for the climate, forests and forest peoples.

The booklet starts with a short introduction of how corporations and countries most responsible for climate change use REDD to continue burning fossil carbon. The chapters that follow provide additional background to information presented on the seven flipchart posters which you can download from the links below.

The flipchart posters and accompanying booklet aim to support communities interested in exploring what REDD means for them. The flipchart posters can be used in many different ways. You can use the full set as an exhibition and start a meeting with participants studying the images and sharing the thoughts the flipchart drawings provoke. Or select some of the flipcharts for more in-depth discussion, e.g. selecting those that provoke most reaction or interest among participants. Or you can use one or a few images only to explain a particular part of the forest - climate change - carbon market connections. You could also choose to highlight particular parts of one flipchart only, adding your own designs and comments onto the flipchart, or covering parts of the design that are not useful to your particular discussion and focusing on the remaining. In other words, these images are meant to provide you with a versatile tool that makes it easier to explain the complexities of the forest - climate change and carbon market connections, and that give you the freedom to work only with those drawings that are most relevant for your particular meeting or discussion.

We hope you will find these materials useful and informative. We welcome suggestions that help us improve the flipchart posters and information presented in the booklet.

Download here the booklet: What do forests have to do with climate change, carbon markets and REDD+?

FLIPCHART 1: How are REDD+ projects introduced in communities? Who is involved in promoting REDD+?

FLIPCHART 2: What is this carbon that consultants, companies and conservation NGOs talk about?

FLIPCHART 3: What does carbon have to do with climate change? What is global warming?

FLIPCHART 4: What do governments do about climate change? Which are the main international agreements on climate change?

FLIPCHART 5: What is Carbon Trading?

FLIPCHART 6: How do carbon offset projects know how many carbon credits they can sell?

FLIPCHART 7: What is REDD+? Why is REDD+ a risk to forest peoples' use of the forest?