September 21, the International Day Against Monoculture Tree Plantations, is a day for our organizations, networks and movements to celebrateresistance and raise our voices to demand, Stop the Expansion of Monoculture Tree Plantations! which threaten the sovereignty of our peoples. We invite you to join the annual campaign that continues to grow every year, reaching new places where different types of activities are carried out: press releases, distribution of flyers, conferences, seminars, public demonstrations, information campaigns on websites and social networks, etc. We hope you will join us in spreading the message and working together to build a day of resistance and struggle that grows stronger every year! We also invite you to send us your own contributions (images, videos, information on activities, etc.) to help enrich this section among all of us. You can use this e-mail: 21sept@wrm.org.uy
For many years WRM has been denouncing the FSC certification of monoculture tree plantations. The scale of these monocultures is one of several reasons for such opposition. Large-scale tree plantations occupy vast areas of land leading to displacement of communities, they consume huge amounts of water and soil nutrients and require enormous amounts of agrochemicals. These characteristics make them intrinsically unsustainable and therefore they can’t be certified as ‘sustainable’.
Throughout the month of September we will continue celebrating resistance to the advance of large-scale industrial tree plantations. This post in particular is about two actions being carried out by local communities that need everyone’s solidarity and support.
    Nous continuons en septembre de célébrer la résistance à l’avancée des plantations d’arbres à grande échelle. À présent, nous vous contactons au sujet de deux actions qui ont besoin de la solidarité et de l’appui de nous tous.
New York, US -  On 21 September, the International Day of Action against Monoculture Tree Plantations [1], organizations, forest dependent communities, and Indigenous Peoples from around the globe will denounce industrial tree plantations due to their devastating social and ecological impacts.
Only available in Spanish - 16 de septiembre | Programa en vivo | Bosques y biodiversidad Mil Voces Nº 232
Only available in Spanish - Por Isaac Rojas y Lúcia Ortiz, Amigos de la Tierra Internacional. No todos saben que nosotros ambientalistas estamos en contra de las plantaciones de árboles a gran escala. El 21 de Septiembre es el Día Mundial contra las plantaciones de árboles, es decir, los monocultivos industriales de árboles que producen pulpa para papel, madera, aceites y agrocombustibles.
Industrial oil palm plantations are rapidly expanding, not only in Liberia. In many African countries expansion projects are happening and plans are announced. Everywhere they go, the companies promise jobs and development. Produced by the World Rainforest Movement. Interviews; Winnie Overbeek Edition; Flavio Pazos September 2013 Also available in Spanish: Palma en África. Voces desde las comunidades