Certification Schemes

'Keep buying!' This is the message that certification schemes promote. Whenever an industrial or agricultural commodity falls into disrepute, a voluntary certification initiative will soon emerge. Certification schemes allow for the expansion of corporate control over community lands. They also have all failed to resolve conflicts between communities and the corporations that have taken over their territories. Their contribution to reducing ecological harm also remains elusive, especially where industrial monoculture plantations are given a “green” label.

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Kwa mtazamo wa mara ya kwanza, kijiji cha Nzivi kinafanana na vijiji vingine katika eneo lile. Lakini kijiji hicho kina tofauti kubwa na vijiji vingine kwa sababu hakiruhusu wawekezaji wanaotaka kupanda mashamba makubwa kama vile upandaji wa mashamba makubwa ya miti...