Seeds of Hope

What are the solutions to forest destruction?” “What are the alternatives?” Questions like these are often raised to squash possible debate that could lead to real solutions to deforestation and climate chaos. The way forward starts with ending the assault on forest peoples and their ways of life, and learning about their relationships with their territories. For generations, forest-dependent communities have lived in and with forests, and have protected them.

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Bulletin articles 22 December 2018

Kwa mtazamo wa mara ya kwanza, kijiji cha Nzivi kinafanana na vijiji vingine katika eneo lile. Lakini kijiji hicho kina tofauti kubwa na vijiji vingine kwa sababu hakiruhusu wawekezaji wanaotaka kupanda mashamba makubwa kama vile upandaji wa mashamba makubwa ya miti...