An open letter to the FAO launched on September 21st, International Day of Struggle against Tree Monocultures

Dear Friends,

Today, September 21st, marks the International Day of Struggle Against Tree Plantations.

On this day, as part of the actions happening internationally, WRM along with the organizations Salva la Selva and TimberWatch are launching an Open Letter to the FAO.

Despite the numerous efforts that many of us have made to get the FAO to change its erroneous and tendentious definition of forests—which allows an industrial monoculture plantation to be called a “forest”—our demands have not been heard.

As a result of the actions that took place last year during the World Forestry Congress in South Africa, wherein a letter was also delivered to the FAO, the organization responded to us by minimizing the importance and influence of its definition.

In so doing, the FAO sought to underestimate the fact that its definition favors large timber and other corporations that promote large-scale tree plantations, to the detriment of communities that depend on their territories for livelihood and sustenance. The influence of the FAO's definition greatly affects national definitions, as well as international processes, such as the UN negotiations on climate change.

Through this Open Letter we assert that the FAO definition is relevant, and we demand that the FAO assume its responsibility and immediately implement a genuine review process of its definition of forests.

The goal of this FAO-directed action is to redouble our efforts!

From today until March 21st 2017, when the UN’s International Day of Forests is commemorated , we will gather as many signatures as possible. To this effect, we invite organizations and social movements to add their signatures and help disseminate this letter./strong>

We invite you to share the letter on your websites, in your social networks, through “word of mouth,” etc.

To add your support, send your organization's name and your country to the following email address:

Plantations are not forests!