USA: the death of David Chain

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We have received the sad news that a person was killed while trying to protect native forests being cut in Grizzly Creek by the timber company Pacific Lumber.

According to an Earth First! press release, "A video taken by Earth First! activists in Grizzly Creek captured the hostile voice of a Pacific Lumber faller threatening their lives less than an hour before David Chain was killed by a falling tree. The video blatantly contradicts Pacific Lumber's claim that the company 'had no knowledge' that Chain and others were nearby in Grizzly Creek. In fact, the logger who later cut the tree that killed David Chain can be heard furiously shouting obscenities and vowing to get his 'pistol.' Several other Earth First! activists were just six feet away from Chain when the tree came crashing down."

The press release adds that, "Contrary to Pacific Lumber's public statements, David Chain's death was the inevitable result of the timber company's deliberate campaign of violence toward environmental activists" and that "The escalating use of violence by Pacific Lumber has been ignored by Humboldt County law enforcement." The press release finally expresses that "The tragic death of David Chain under these circumstances shows clearly that to PL, profits are more important than human life. Earth First! activists who witnessed the tragic death of their comrade David Chain will cooperate with a full investigation into the incident and its causes. A memorial is planned for next week, and Earth First! will continue to protest Pacific Lumber's illegal logging in Grizzly Creek in David's name."

Source: Northcoast Earth First! press release, September 18, 1998.