Struggles for the Forests

When corporations destroy forests, or restrict or even prohibit access to forest peoples' territories, they place communities' ways of life and their very existence at risk. WRM supports forest peoples' struggles to defend their territories, and their right to decide how to live, and how to use the forests they depend on.

Other information 11 October 2022
Documentary film produced by​ NUPOMAR, Núcleo de Pesquisa, Mídias e Arte, with the purpose of recording and valuing the social memory of the Pataxó Indigenous Peoples of Aldeia Barra Velha (in the municipality of Porto Seguro-Bahia), Brazil.
Other information 12 September 2022
A report was compiled based on workshops to share the discussions, proposals and challenges ahead in order to strengthen water justice struggles.
Other information 12 September 2022
A research by the Urgent Action Fund- Africa (UAF-Africa) underlines how it is women who bear the brunt of lack of water and how this has an impact on their health and livelihoods as well as that of their families and wider community.
Other information 16 June 2022
Other information 22 March 2022
The International Labour Research and Information Group has produced a beautifully illustrated and inspiring calendar for 2022.
Other information 22 March 2022
With the title, ‘Ima Bote Madjacca: Madja Myths,’ anthropologist Rosenilda Nunes Padilha (Rose) has launched a book of the myths of the Madja people (also known as the Kulina).
Other information 4 January 2022