Mountains of Paper, Mounting Injustice

Disponible uniquement en  anglais. 

Produced by the World Rainforest Movement - 2008
Sreenplay: Antonis Diamantidis and Flavio Pazos
With the support of the WRM International Secretariat Team
Voice: Cecilia Carrère

There are many problems caused by the way we consume and produce paper.

Wasteful paper consumption is growing at an alarming rate. Even though accepting individual responsibility in wasteful paper consumption is important, bringing down consumption is not simply a matter of individual choice.

This is the result of policies that allow or promote excessive use of paper. Paper consumption is therefore a political issue and must be addressed as such.

Raising awareness on the social and environmental impacts caused by monoculture tree plantations and pulp mills can be a first step for changing the present destructive, unequal and wasteful production and consumption model.

But successful opposition to this model requires bringing together all those impacted by plantations and pulp production with organized opposition in consumer countries and to campaign jointly to achieve national and global policy changes concerning production and use of paper.

You, me, all, collectively can make things change.