Protected Areas. Protected Against Whom?


Disponible uniquement en anglais et espagnol. 

By Oilwatch and World Rainforest Movement.

This publication has been jointly produced by Oilwatch and the World Rainforest Movement for dissemination at the Seventh Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity which will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from 9-20 February 2004.

The book contains information disseminated in different formats by both organizations and most of the articles have been previously published in the electronic bulletins of Oilwatch (“Resistance”) and the World Rainforest Movement’s Bulletin.

The level of detail and analysis in the articles varies greatly, as a consequence of the nature of the bulletins, which are intended to serve as a tool, both for individuals and organisations acting on a local level and for those working on an international scale. However we believe that they can all serve to generate a better understanding on the complicated issue of protected areas.

We have not included the numerous sources of information on which the various articles were based, due to a lack of space. However, those who are interested in accessing these sources may do so either through the WRM web page (entering the “bulletin” area and looking for the year and month corresponding to the article in question) or through the Oilwatch web page.

Responsibility for this publication is shared between the editors of “Resistance” (Elizabeth Bravo, Oilwatch) and the WRM Bulletin (Ricardo Carrere, WRM) and the numerous individuals and institutions who contributed articles or relevant information for the preparation of articles. Errors that may have been made are the exclusive responsibility of Oilwatch and WRM.

Protected Areas. Protected Against Whom?

Areas Protegidas ¿Protegidas contra quién?