Attacks on Forest-Dependent Communities in Indonesia and Resistance Stories

(Disponible uniquement en anglais et indonésien)

WRM Bulletin Compilation. Available to download in English and Indonesian.

This new publication compiles articles published in the WRM bulletin, divided in three sections:

– The first one includes articles that are also available in Indonesian language. It has three sections: Attacks on Forest-Dependant Comm unities; The “Green Economy” Justifying New Attacks; and Stories of Resistance.

– The second includes links to four full bulletin issues that are available in Indonesian language (as well as in English, Spanish, Portugues and French), with articles from different countries, including Indonesia. These bulletin issues are focused on (1) the region of South East Asia; (2) oil palm plantations and violence against women; (3) a reflection around “Fire” and Forests; and (4) Grassroots voices on resistance strategies.

– The third and last part of this publication shows links to other relevant articles and information related to Indonesia that are only available in English.

>>> Download the publication in English or Indonesian.