FSC certification of tree plantations needs to be stopped


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Plantations are monocultures, created from seemingly endless rows of identical trees. They suck the water out of nearby streams and ponds and lower the water table, leaving little or no water for people living near the plantations. They deplete soils, pollute the environment with agrotoxics and eradicate biodiverse local ecosystems. Activists in Brazil call them the green desert because of the way they destroy local people’s livelihoods and environments. But what’s almost as bad as the plantations themselves is that this sort of plantation is given a green seal of approval by the Forest Stewardship Council.

anglais: FSC certification of tree plantations needs to be stopped

espagnol: Es necesario detener la certificación FSC de plantaciones de árboles

portugais: A certificação de plantações de árvores pelo FSC precisa ser interrompida