Plantations are NOT forests


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This book gathers a selection of articles published in the monthly electronic bulletin of the World Rainforest Movement (WRM), addressing the  issues of plantations and the struggles developed at the local and global levels against them.

The level of detail and analysis in the articles varies greatly, as a consequence of the nature of the bulletin, which is intended to serve as a tool, both for individuals and organizations acting on a local level and for those working on an international scale. However we have included most of the articles, as we consider that in some way they can all serve to raise consciousness regarding a subject such as this, that is increasingly affecting local communities in the South.

Most of the articles are the result of a collaborative effort between the WRM bulletin’s editorial team and people and organizations working at the local and global level against plantations. We have not included the numerous sources of information on which the articles were based. However, those interested in obtaining them can access our web page, at “bulletin” section, searching by date (which appears as footnote at the end of each article).

Responsibility for this publication is shared between the WRM editorial team and the numerous individuals and organisations who contributed articles or relevant information for the preparation of articles. Errors that may have been made are the exclusive responsibility of WRM.

But what matters most is that beyond the authorship of the different articles, the true protagonists of this work are the numerous local communities that suffer the impacts of plantations and destruction of forests, who protect their forests and livelihoods and generate appropriate environmental and social alternative uses. The articles attempt to reflect the struggles of these protagonists, with the central aim of supporting them. To all of them, we pay our most sincere homage.

Plantations are not forests

Las plantaciones NO son bosques