Support this open letter! The GCF Board must refrain from approving more REDD+ funding requests

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We invite organisations to sign this open letter to members of the Green Climate Fund Board until Monday, 17 August. The board will meet between 18 and 21 August to decide once again on two funding requests related to REDD+. >>> Read and Sign the letter here - Lisez et signez la lettre ici

The letter urges the GCF Board to reject in particular two requests for so-called “Results-Based Payments”: the Indonesian government supposedly reduced emissions from deforestation during the period 2014-2016, and the government of Colombia during the period 2015-2016. The skilful manufacture of calculations ignores the overall far more complex dynamic of the deforestation process in time and space.

It would be a shameful act if the GCF Board rewarded governments that continue to heavily engage in and promote large-scale deforestation. They continue to hand out concessions and provide incentives to private (inter-)national extractive, agribusiness and other industries that destroy forests.

>>> Read and Sign the letter here - Lisez et signez la lettre ici